About the studio


At Reformation, we believe in smart, addictive workouts that keep you coming back for more, all in an environment that is inspiring, fun and sexy. We are committed to helping you transform your body to become more toned, more sculpted...
and to making you happy.

Transform your body for life

Reformation offers 55-minute group classes using either the Reformer or Tower equipments to stretch, tone, and strengthen your muscles
and transform your body.

Free your mind

Come workout in a space where everything has been thought out for you to free your mind and to offer you effective and fun exercises. Reformation is on a 'come as you want' basis, with no membership requirements. Just come with your gym clothes (no need for shoes) and we'll take care of the rest.

In 10 sessions, you feel better.
In 20 sessions, you look better.
In 30 sessions, you have a completely new body.
Joseph Pilates